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This week we present Panasonic's new solution in the world of Aerothermal energy. It is a new mixed domestic air conditioning solution that combines an air-water and air-air heat pump, also using nanoeTM X technology with a certified inhibitory effect on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.


It is the first equipment on the market that works with R32 refrigerant gas and performs heat recovery as it cools down and produces "free" DHW at the same time, with a SCOP greater than 5 during the heat recovery itself.


With which, with the same equipment, we can offer the generation of climate by duct unit, underfloor heating or radiators, and the generation of ACS with the plus of being able to generate at certain times of the year for free.


If you are interested in this equipment, do not hesitate to contact our commercial or engineering department and they will make you aware of any questions they may have.

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Do you want a healthy and comfortable home?

In TU ALMACÉN DEL CLIMA you will find the solution

Air conditioning is a key element for the health of all of us, be it our family or at work.


Good air conditioning consists of creating suitable conditions of temperature, humidity and air cleanliness for our homes.


But not only in homes, indoor air quality is important in buildings dedicated to offices and offices, since in many cases it is the origin of health problems and lack of well-being for the workers who occupy them. This is due to the existence of possible risk factors, such as an inadequate thermal environment and poor ventilation. Good weather conditions are important to prevent damage to the health of office workers and constitute a factor that directly influences well-being and task performance.

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We are an online store specialized in the sale and online advice of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, aerothermal, heaters, among others. In addition to air conditioning, we have all kinds of products for your home, to make your life easier and enjoy all the products for your home at a good price.


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How can we offer these cheap equipment by giving this service?

The answer is simple. On the one hand, we think that what we want to offer is a global service, more than a product, that is, a product, but giving the best service, we are a customer-oriented company and their satisfaction is what makes us improve day by day. For this, we have a team specialized in customer service, ready to resolve any questions or problems before or during the purchase.


You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp instant messaging, email or even social networks. If it is a more extensive project, our engineering department, made up of a team of engineers with extensive experience, can hold a meeting online or in person at our offices to be able to advise you on your project, whatever it may be (In the Engineering Department section has all the necessary information).


In TU ALMACEN DEL LIMA you can find the best equipment for your home or business.


You can find the best appliances for your home or business.


We help you to be more efficient: better for everyone and for the environment.

Our clients speak better than us

Would you like to switch to the cleanest and most economical system in terms of air conditioning? Get in touch with us and we will send you more complete information.

We will be happy to assist you.

Los técnicos me atendieron muy bien, estoy satisfecha con el servicio.
Maria Colmenares
Excelente servicio, los producto son de calidad y la mejor parte es que puedo pagar a plazos.
Natalia Rodriguez
La atención es excelente, tienen todo tipo de equipos para la climatización.
Alberto Retrepo